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Who We Serve

Opposition Research

Higher Education Institutions

Human Resources / Hiring Departments

Law / Paralegal Research

Corporate / Small Business Information Security


Social Media Profile
• One or Multiple sites*
• Covers an individual(s) recent activities, motivations, interactions, friends. **
• Provides a link to the Social Media Profile(s)
• We conduct searches in 25+ social media sites

Privacy Overview
• Recommendations specifically for you
• Details a step by step process to protect your social media 
• Includes an office brochure


* Investigate.Social recognizes some individuals do not have a social media presence, may have a limited presence or practice high information security. All of the above mentioned examples will limit our findings.

** Investigate.Social conducts a review of an individual(s) public social media accounts passively and is subject to all Federal and State privacy laws and guidelines.


Investigate.Social builds custom social media profiles to better understand the person you are inquiring about. Our customers regularly ask for us to conduct opposition research, litigation discovery research, employment opportunities, student applications or business acquisitions. Contact us to see how we can help you!


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